help people find
their way home

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Samaritan is a support platform
that empowers people without a
to move forward

individuals gain the social and financial support needed to rebuild hope and reach housing goals

Become a samaritan

Encourage and fund strategic needs
to help your unhoused neighbors
reach life-changing outcomes

use Samaritan to…

learn the stories, goals, and needs of your unsheltered neighbors, and invest in their journey off the streets…

Strengthened relationships with care providers, coupled with social and financial support from the community, have helped members reach life-changing outcomes—like a stable home.

get the app and…

join their team!

We all need a support system. Joining someone's team lets you track their progress, receive updates from their care team, and contribute to life-changing outcomes.

Maximize your impact by joining someone's team

We all need a support system. Joining someone’s team lets you track their progress, receive updates from their care team, and contribute to life-changing outcomes

Help create life-changing outcomes with acts of kindness

Send messages of encouragement, contribute to emergent needs (such as food, clothing, and medication), and become part of someone’s journey home

Solutions for…

  • A person
    in need

    Have a team of supporters help you move forward and provide money to meet your needs.

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  • Managed

    Engage your most vulnerable members with community support to reach housing and health goals.

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  • Community

    Help high-utilizers overcome upstream factors that lead to them needing emergency care.

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  • Human

    Help people enter permanent housing faster, allowing teams to serve more individuals.

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  • Corporate &
    faith groups

    Empower communities to help people access the social and financial capital to find a home.

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  • Volunteers

    Directly invest into your neighbors in need alongside other volunteers and professionals.

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  • Merchants

    Offer a flexible way for vulnerable community members to pay for critical goods & services.

Contact Us

Jeff Lilley
former CEO, Seattle's Union Gospel Mission
The number one question I'm asked, is " Jeff, how do I respond when asked for help on the street? Samaritan is an answer to that question.
Nicole S.
now-housed Samaritan Member
This is the first time in seven years people have seen me for who I am, not what I look like or come from.
Chris C.
Samaritan Member
Thanks to samaritans for checking up on and feeding me… Don’t know how I would have ate or kept warm many nights without you.
Laura L.
now-housed Samaritan Member
Sometimes, you can feel really invisible and it can kind of feel al lot of times like there's no help out there. It was just nice to have people be like "Yea, we really want to help."

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