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One year into my journey of sobriety, I've been blessed with incredible...

opportunities, thanks to the support of many. Currently, my focus is on making my house a true home and returning to school. Transportation remains a challenge without a car, but I'm determined to overcome it. As the year comes to an end, I look forward to planning a special 1st birthday celebration, where the happiness of my loved one is all that truly matters. The hopes that I have for myself and my son, is that I'll be able to go back to school soon. As well as be able to find a reliable vehicle. I'm hoping that by doing those things I'll be able to give him a life where he won't have to ask or want for not. I'm hoping to be able to provide for me and him long until after he's out of my care. But also be able to turn what I have been through, as well as the struggle that I have had until now, I wish to take that to take my struggle and everything that I have been through to help the next mother so that they don't ever have to go through what has happened to me. The only help that I can ask is that anything that is given or any help that I receive is a blessing not just for me but for my son cuz if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here and I thank God for that everyday so whatever I am able to get whatever help I am able to receive I just say thank you!

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We all need a support system. Joining someone’s team lets you track their progress, receive updates from their care team, and contribute to life-changing outcomes

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Jeff Lilley
former CEO, Seattle's Union Gospel Mission
The number one question I'm asked, is " Jeff, how do I respond when asked for help on the street? Samaritan is an answer to that question.
Nicole S.
now-housed Samaritan Member
This is the first time in seven years people have seen me for who I am, not what I look like or come from.
Chris C.
Samaritan Member
Thanks to samaritans for checking up on and feeding me… Don’t know how I would have ate or kept warm many nights without you.
Laura L.
now-housed Samaritan Member
Sometimes, you can feel really invisible and it can kind of feel al lot of times like there's no help out there. It was just nice to have people be like "Yea, we really want to help."

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